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03/26/23 04:00 PM #9765    


Jim Coats

Mike L.  "You are about to enter another dimension.  A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.  A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.  Next stop -  the Twilight Zone."

I'm not going to try to educate you as to the DIFFERENCE between cancel and expire.  I suggest you look it up.  Trust me OR trust Google....there is a difference.

I know you don't mean to, but you continuously make my point for me while trying to refute my point.  Frustrating to have to battle you, but thanks for the endorsement of my conclusion.  Sheesh!

I know you hate this, but I still think you're a good guy and you should come to a Beer Summit.  I think everyone would have a non-political blast and I KNOW you have some good CHS stories.


03/26/23 04:28 PM #9766    


Jim Coats

I looked up the definition of BLOG today for the FIRST time, because I wondered if the CHS Forum is a blog.  Turns out it fits the definition.  However, I might be more inclined to call it a FLOG.

I saw this guy today at Starbucks.  No IPhone, no tablet, no laptop.  He just sat there drinking coffee.  LIKE A PSYCHOPATH!

Two ladies talking.  "How did you meet your husband?"........"I'm a pharmacist and he comes in to buy condoms, asked for XXXXL and only after we were married I realized he stutters."

Dad talking to his little son:  "What's the magic word to get what you want?"  Little boy:  "I'm offended!"  "Too easy....I won't add any commentary to the joke."

03/26/23 07:09 PM #9767    

Mike Lorts

I just returned from Costco and stocked up on microwave popcorn in preparation for the upcoming Republican Primary. It will definitely be "must see TV".

03/26/23 09:15 PM #9768    


Jim Coats

Filled up at Safeway tonight.  Wife's car takes Premium.  NO Premium or Mid-Grade available.  Only 87 octane Regular at $4.50/gal.  The one time......

I blame it all on Biden's energy policy regardless of the reason for the shortage.  Just because I don't like the guy.

Nighty night.

03/26/23 09:32 PM #9769    



Good ones Jim. Costco premium  $5.59/gal Biden gas😤

03/26/23 10:35 PM #9770    


Greg Watkins

Because I received this article from Bill R. I thought I would post it for additional Al comments from those who want to continue to supply Ukraine our emergency stock piles of ammunition and other war materials. I might also liken this management of strategic supplies to Biden's draining of our petroleum supplies. Hey isn't this supposed to decrease the price of gas. Everywhere I look, the prices are on the rise again
Enjoy the article Mike L.

Missile and munition stockpiles are dwindling as the US continues to send aid packages to Ukraine.
The Biden administration has promised — as part of $33 billion sent in military aid for the besieged country so far — a US Patriot air-defense system will be sent to Ukraine, along with over 200,000 rounds of artillery, rockets, and tank rounds.

In fulfilling those promises, The New York Times reported the US has sent Ukraine so many stockpiled Stinger missiles that it would take 13 years of production at recent capacity levels to replace them. The Times added that Raytheon, the company that helps make Javelin missile systems, said it would take five years at last year's production rates to replace the number of missiles sent to Ukraine in the last ten months.

Currently, the US produces just over 14,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition every month — and Ukrainian forces have previously fired that many rounds in the span of 48 hours,

03/27/23 05:11 AM #9771    


Frank Wiley

Based on the weapons, weapons systems, and ammunition we have given Ukraine PLUS the draining of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve we would be in deep Do-Do if WE ever had to get into a real War.

03/27/23 08:35 AM #9772    


Frank Wiley

Lyin Biden wants ANOTHER 1.2 Trillion dollars for his new "Investing in America" program.  Let me give an analogy.  Remember when we played Monopoly when we were young?  Imagine if someone landed on one of your properties and they couldn't pay the rent so they asked you to let them off--not pay.  You said no.  The debtor couldn't simply go to the bank and get the money!!  That's what our Country is doing.  The Government is simply going to the Fed and the Fed prints more paper money which increases inflation.  The good news is that the House of Representatives (controlled by the Republicans) will tell Lyin Biden---NO!

03/27/23 09:37 AM #9773    


DeWitt Bacon

Michael K's post is exactly what I have been saying for years. An assault weapon can be anything used to assault or kill someone. Anything from a .22 pistol to a knife or a rock. It can be a baseball bat, a golf club, a hockey stick, or a fire poker. An AR-15 is no more an assault weapon than a fist.

Alvin Bragg should be disbarred. He is using his position to carry out the political assassination of a political foe that he and George Soros don't want to see elected President again. Others, such as Merit Garland, should also be disbarred, along with any AG  who only wants to prosecute conservatives and target parents as terrorists. 

03/27/23 10:15 AM #9774    

Mike Lorts


Both of you list the amount of weapons, weapons systems and ammunition we have sent to Ukraine. You correctly state that these weapons came from our reserve. My question to both of you is "for what purpose was this stockpile to be used for"? Was it to be used against an adversary? Is Russia not an adversary that threatens our democracy? Hasn't Ukrain seriously depleted Russia's military strength? Our support of Ukrain against Russia sends a message to Xi that we will support Taiwan if he attempts to invade that country.


03/27/23 11:45 AM #9775    


Frank Wiley

So exactly how would we support Taiwan if China decides to invade.  Mike are you willing to send Combat Troops?  It would be a bloodbath and I'm afraid we would not win.  First of all we would be outnumbered by 10 to one based on population and China would have a giant advantage because of logistics.  Our so called leadership speaks from both sides of their mouths.  On one hand Lyin Biden has said, "We have a one China policy!"  Then secondly he says we would defend Taiwan.  It can't be both!!  Many items we have sent Ukraine ARE weapons we would use in the case we got into a war.  General Milley last week, testifying to Congress that our arsenal is very depleted.  Even our Military is understaffed.

03/27/23 12:00 PM #9776    

Mike Lorts


You listed a slew of negatives. OK, what do you propose we do in Ukrain? If China invades Taiwan?

03/27/23 12:12 PM #9777    


Greg Watkins

Mike L, these stockpiles are there for the use of our military in the time of war. If another country were to declare war against America, then we would not be in a position like we were prior to WW II. And based on what we see from Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran, we better be prepared more than ever. As we are seeing, we are supporting Ukraine more than all the European and Asian countries put together. Together, they have the wherewithal to fight Russia offensively but choose not to do so. They all believe the US will come to their rescue again. These European countries have had decades to build up their defenses, but failed to do so compared to the US.

03/27/23 01:14 PM #9778    

Mike Lorts


I'm tired of beating around the bush. Do you and Frank want to stop supporting Ukrain? The Baltic States send a much higher percentage of GDP to support Ukrain. There's probably corruption. There usually is when there's this much money involved.

03/27/23 01:19 PM #9779    


Jim Coats

DeWitt, Frank, Greg and Mike Kelly.

God help us!  We have another tragic mass shooting at a Nashville school.  "Apparently" 3 children, 3 staff and the 28-year old female shooter are dead.  Everyone usually wants to be first with the gory details, so I DON'T KNOW for sure what the details are yet.

Apparently the shooter was armed with two "assault style rifles" and a handgun.  This will bring out the screeching gun banners again, including Biden I would bet.

These screeching left wing politicos do NOT know the definition of an assault weapon.  Hell, I'm not sure I know what the "written in stone and endorsed by God" definition is and I'm pretty sure I used some of them.

The left, as DeWitt and others have so aptly stated, will blame those inanimate objects (can we just say firearms?) for the death and destruction and not the "operators" of said firearms.  I think Mike Kelly "reduced it to the ridiculous" when he said if you chamber a round and leave the safety off on a rifle and lay it on the table for 100 years, it would not commit mass burder until a human picked it up and killed people with it.  Truer words have never been spoken, except the 100 years could be extended to infinity.  BTW, Mike Kelly....your #9759 was right on!!

The left is obsessed with inanimate objects, so let's say....FINISH the WALL (all can agree it's inanimate) and keep maybe millions of illegals out of our country who are laying waste to our financial, educational, and medical systems in the U.S.  How about that?  6 dead in Memphis today, 100's of thousands dead from fentanyl due to the open Biden border.  Which one do you want to attack first?


03/27/23 01:52 PM #9780    


Frank Wiley

Status Quo in Ukraine.  The United Nations is useless but if they wanted to useful they could throw Russia off the "Security Council" and get a coalition of Nations to sit down with China NOW and set out what sanctions and or penalties would be imposed if they attack.  Economic sanctions would hit China much harder than Russia.

03/27/23 02:54 PM #9781    


Michael Kelly

Jimma Cawtuh gave the Jurisdiction of the Panama Canal, which us Americans built way back when we were a Real Country with Borders, in the early 1900's, to the Panamians in 1977, so that they could then sell it to the Communist Chinese in 2010, Jemma Cawtuh did this in 77 so that he could get Brownie Points for promoting "World Peace" with other delusional dimwits, and so that his Legacy Book would be another inch or so thicker. Have a Good Day!

03/27/23 03:17 PM #9782    

Mike Lorts

Jim et all,

I am so sorry all of you feel so besieged by the "screeching gun control lefties". It must be extremely painful for all you to listen to same pleas for gun control.


Oh by the way I'm hope you to tolerate the victims loved ones pleading for common sense gun control.

03/27/23 03:39 PM #9783    


Michael Wetzel


From what I understand regarding the shooter, it was an " IT ", a transgender it...That tells me that, that individual already possessed severe mental issues.........

03/27/23 04:03 PM #9784    


Jim Coats

Lorts.  Give me a break.  Typical response from a far left winger who ignores facts.

03/27/23 08:16 PM #9785    



Lorts, you can tell how much your  president is concerned about draining down our ability to wage war by looking at his proposed budget, only 3% budget increase for the military. Sure Braden is concerned about depeating our military equipment a bd supplies, NOT! This POTUS is the biggest threat against our country ever, not China, Russia, N Korea and Iran!  Wake up you Biden/far left supports before it's too late.

03/27/23 08:21 PM #9786    

Mike Lorts


I must have missed all of the empathy you expressed for the victims and their loved ones. You jumped right into how the government is coming for your precious guns.

03/27/23 09:36 PM #9787    


Jim Coats

Lorts.  Didya....didya really?  1st paragraph, #9779.  Biden, et al wasted no time in going after guns again.  He's right there with you, Lorts.  How much time has Biden spent lamenting the deaths of 1,000,000 Americans from the China virus....or the 100's of thousands killed by drugs pouring through HIS border.  Why, come to think of it, I haven't seen you wringing your hands either.  Hypocrite!


03/27/23 10:12 PM #9788    

Mike Lorts

Bill R,

Pretend your POTUS tomorrow. How would you handle Russia and China? You must have a plan because you are so unhappy how Biden is handling these adversaries.

03/28/23 01:49 AM #9789    


Dennis Moran

It appears that many of you would cut off Ukraine because they are using weapons and amunition that we had in storage .... I'm amazed at how weak you think we are.....and believe we have given our just in case supplies. The government isn't going to tell you what is actually stored away; we have weapons that are beyond our simple minds.  The Pentagon is visited by multiple representatives from defense industries...who continue to sell to us. look back to when they were flying the SR71 in White Sands and Nevada not to mention skunk works and area 51 and 52.  Look what happened when Pres Biden left over 7 billion dollars in Afganistand . yes we have given over 47 billion but we have had the opportunity to see what weapons work and make new and improved ones thats why the Pentagon is visited by so many sellers. We will always need a few good wars just for tests. If it was in the 1870's and we were reading Jules Verne wow imagined goods and name one we don't have now..... someone who believes this is hurting us think again..Yes we will increase the military budget its going to happen. 

A class country doesn't turn its back on someone we said we will help any more than leaving your wingman behind to suffer through any attack.


Another subject:

kids and teachers being killed at the school in Kentucky along with so many others who have been killed because of who they worshipped.   

Its too late to remove guns from people but its not to late to control the amunition........yes i have used the Russian amunition use it at ones peril.  I prefer it being sold only at a fire arm dealer who also controls powder and shells ... having made my own on  friends Dillon tool..... need to control powder, caps, and casings.


Oh I don't care who you vote for;  money will always control whats going on..  SO,, lets have term limits also i hope your not as shaded on political parties as I.



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