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12/04/23 10:41 AM #11754    


DeWitt Bacon

Bill R. What a frightening spectacle. It makes me glad my family wasn't Catholic. 

Richard. Good to see you back. I have to admit that I haven't gotten that far into Prequel, with my eyesight and the fact that I don't have much time for reading. I haven't even finished Cruz's book. But I am working on them as much as I can. I hope you don't expect me to read all the books Rachel recommends at the beginning of her book. But if you are back now I will try to read more so we can debate the two books. Thanks for your patience.

12/04/23 02:18 PM #11755    

Richard Deshong

Frank, are you speaking of the April 2, 2023 zoom meeting Biden had with all US car manufacturers, including Musk as Tesla's representative, or the recent meeting held with the Association of American Car Dealerships, an organization that Tesla doesn't belong because they do not use dealerships?

12/04/23 02:20 PM #11756    

Richard Deshong

Despite what some people believe, solar power, wind power, and EVs are the future.  For those among you who think pushing renewable energy and EVs in America is a fool’s mission, let me provide a short primer on the history of solar panels.  Jim, it’s okay if you take a nap instead of reading my thesis.

Mankind has been using the sun to produce energy since as early as the 7th century B.C. and even harnessed it to use in warfare.  The first known solar collector was invented in 1767 and was used as a means of cooking on expeditions.  The process of using sunlight to make electricity was discovered in 1839.  In the1860s a French company used solar energy to make electricity, but a drop in the price of coal made it too expensive and they stopped.  Then in 1883 a solar array using selenium was built in New York city, but it also turned out to be too expensive when compared to coal, so it too was dropped.  Then in 1918 the process to make silicon wafers was invented and by the 1950s was being used by Bell Labs to make the first know silicon based solar wafers.  In 1970 Exxon Mobil (yes, the large US oil producer) developed an affordable solar cell and in 1982 the first large scale solar energy farm was up and running in California.  Around that same time concerns over climate change and the depletion of known (at that time) oil reserves sparked a race for dominance in the solar energy market.

In 1997 an American entrepreneur built a prototype production machine to make silicon solar wafers and functional solar panels.  With limited cash he approached first the states of Ohio and California asking for incentives to build manufacturing plants in their states to mass produce solar panels.  Both states turned him down.  But an investor from Spain heard of his process and made an introduction to Spain’s government who agreed to provide the necessary land, tax benefits, and other assistance required to get a new business up and running.  Along with user incentives, solar energy became such a big hit in Spain that soon Germany and France were both knocking on the door to get solar panel plants built in their countries too.  With these successes the American again asked several US states for help opening plants in America and was again turned down.

Then in 2006 two brothers, Peter and Lyndon Rive, at the suggestion of their cousin (along with some financial assistance), Elon Musk, bought Solar Cells, Inc., the solar panel business, and changed its name to First Solar which would become the largest company in the solar panel market.  Even then, no US company wanted to help expand their manufacturing in America, so they eventually struck a deal with China where today nearly 80% of all solar panels sold in the world are made - a world where almost all countries are on a quest to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and solar energy is their primary means of doing so.

It is often said that we must learn from our mistakes, or we are doomed to repeat them.  Well, I for one don’t want to see America become a lesser nation because we let the naysayers convince enough people that the manufacturing and selling of EVs  If we want to compete with China and maintain our global economic dominance, we must act like we do and push new technologies.  If you don’t agree with that philosophy, I’ve got some stocks in a buggy whip business I’ll sell you.

12/04/23 03:33 PM #11757    


Dennis Moran

DeWitt, being Catholic has been an experience and has enriched my sense of humor. The nuns are such a core of parochial schooling..its funny I don't have nightmares but im sure having a pastor that shouts and rock and rolls during his sermons would have me in fear as well.  Im sure it was tougher for girls growing up but I have to admit I am in the habit of washing my hands many more times than a normal person would do.  Unlike Prostestant churches we have an enormous amount of bling.Going to church with my classmates involved boys sitting with boys and girls sitting with girls and the nuns would be in the very back  At no time would the priests sit with us..The nuns had their enemies and funny now but then was Harry Sanchez asking sister if nuns had babies...brave...very brave...still waiting for them to answer the question.  But, those nuns have moved onto other pastures...I think they bury them in if your in st. paul or elsewhere in the state don't go out at night.If you see one or more just remember Harrys question use it to escape.  I never saw one sick and they would teach to a class of 60 or more kids so now you know why the were tough.  Sadly, I still haven't seen the horor movies Nun and Nun II.  Marines are tough but Nuns push tough to other levels; its 120 outside and nuns don't sweat...Nun raise sand flees, their fatigues are with flowing robes.  They wear black shoes that are so small that if they fart; their ankles swell up..  One of our classmates Henry Hudson actually halled off and hit one of zorros own.  He left our school suddenly around 5th grade and was exhiled to a military academy before he came back to our freshman class at Camelback.  

It is true nuns gluided across the floor just like in the Bues Brothers Movie 

Be careful the nuns are still around us and they are prepaired; having taken, an extra minor in human behavior at the Nunery graduate school. they are sweet,.....Watch out tho, they have been known to frequent boys rest rooms...thats why I wash my hands alot; I heard they are afraid of water.  And Catholic Boy Scouts are prepaired to defend you.


12/04/23 03:40 PM #11758    

Richard Deshong

Mike Kelly, back on November 17, in post 11,639, I promised you I would get back to you on some of the other points you made in your post 11,638.  Being a man of my word, here we go:

You cite Margret Sanger, a woman born in 1879 and who died in 1966, as if she were one of today’s leading proponents of abortion rights.  But you failed to mention that during her entire career as a woman’s rights advocate, she championed birth control and took pains to make a distinction between birth control and abortion.  And, as a nurse, she refused to participate in performing abortions.  You were correct in your claim that she did support negative eugenics, but she was hardly alone in her beliefs with many Americans industrialists, politicians, and even the Catholic church supporting, and even practicing eugenics, during her lifetime.  Thank goodness we have been able to get past that dark position here in America.  I am glad to hear that you don’t disagree that in certain select circumstances abortion right up to the time of birth may be the correct course of action.  Like when it is agreed with doctors that both the mother and child would die if the birth continued, and the decision to save the mother’s life is chosen.

I ask you how you came to the decision that I have made an emotional decision about the Supreme Court’s decision to make abortion a state’s right.  Can you refresh my memory and point to anything I have posted that led you to that statement?  And while you’re at it, can you explain to me why all but one contender (Chris Christy) for the Republican Presidential nomination wants to pass a federal ban on abortion rather than letting it continue to be a state’s right issue.  You may even want to give us your thoughts on why since the court’s decision every state that has voted to add a woman’s right to an abortion in its constitution has resulted in the voters of those states overwhelmingly choosing to do so.  If it is a state’s issue shouldn’t the state’s voters’ wishes be accepted?

There a still a few other issues from your post 11,639 I want to address, but for now, I’ll leave you with this last observation:

In your post you stated “… condescendingly refer to MAGA supporters as being influenced by some sort of mass brainwashing or some such nonsense. You make claims against MAGA supporters based upon your own conjecture. You have no factual basis for your statements.”  In fact, Mike, you are one of the main reasons for my belief.  My god man, you’re a lawyer!  How else do you explain that not one iota of proof has been presented to the courts in support of the “Big Lie”?  Or that after six years and four federally funded investigations led by far-right politicians not one charge was brought against Hillary Clinton over either Benghazi or her misuse of a personal cell phone?  Or more recently, how many times does Jim Jordan need to wipe the egg off his face over the Hunter Biden investigation?  If he has the smoking gun on the laptop release it.  If he doesn’t, shut the hell up.  If Hunter is guilty, let him explain himself to the American public in a televised hearing rather than a closed-door inquisition.  I could go on and on with similar make-believe things the Freedom Caucus rants about, but I just ask you if this constant making of accusations without actual proof isn’t a form of brainwashing, what do you call it?  It may even be that both sides of the political isle are guilty of making false accusations, but when will enough be enough?

Mike, perhaps I am a fool. But I can’t be fooled.  Remember, MAGA also stands for Make Argentina Great Again and they even have the red hats to prove it.  Oh yeah, and they are run by a narcissistic  authoritarian dictator. Sound familiar?

12/04/23 03:47 PM #11759    


Dennis Moran

Just curious.....Richard DeShong, how come your picture doesn't appear in your Non MGA collumm. have you gone so far to the left that your image hasn't caught up to the Message Forum????

Sorry, I'm leaving now to wash my know the story.


12/04/23 04:02 PM #11760    

Richard Deshong

Dennis, there are a lot of crazy people in our country today so I have chosen not to post my image, either from our year book or a more recent photo, to appear on the forum because someday I may wish to attend another Camelback High reunion or inadvertently come into contact with one of the gun loving, kill them all and let god sort it out contributors to this forum.  They may be packing and decide they've had enough of my beliefs and take me out, and I don't mean on a date.

12/04/23 04:20 PM #11761    


Jim Coats

Deshong.  Your last post was over the top.  I did NOT read the previous ones.  If you meant to be weren't.  If you were just being the hateful radical left wing person I have come to know, then.....NWMFT!!  No debates!!  Next.





12/04/23 05:05 PM #11762    

Richard Deshong

Jim, I know you check your messages multiple times every day just hoping you can read what I post so you can pretend you did't read it and make a comment anyway.  You’re not fooling anyone.  As you have pointed out many times, humor is in the eye of the reader.  You make it so easy to get you into a debate it’s not even funny (pun intended).  As a hateful radical right-wing person, you don’t know me at all.


Follow the request for asylum laws or change them!


All the laws, including the ones for trying to overthrow an election.


American’s first, all Americans


How’s that going for you so far? Why don’t you ask George Santos?

12/04/23 05:23 PM #11763    


Frank Wiley

Interesting, the Republicans voted to throw out Santos out of the Republican controlled House ---BUT----Menendez in the Democrat controlled Senate is still there?  Hmmmmm?

12/04/23 05:38 PM #11764    

Mike Lorts

I thought Hunters request to testify before Congress if it's televised was brilliant. Why would republicans object to televising it?

12/04/23 06:19 PM #11765    


Frank Wiley

James Comer and Jim Jordan have even more evidence that Joe's guilty and they say they want to televise Hunters testimony but they still require him to go behind "closed doors".  The reason is because in House Committee testimony the Representatives have 5 minutes to question Hunter----But there isn't a time restriction behind closed doors.  The behind closed door testimony will include Democrats and Hunters lawyers.  My money is still on Joe being guilty!!

12/04/23 07:05 PM #11766    

Mike Lorts


Your explanation/excuse makes no sense, much like the entire supposed investigation.

12/04/23 07:44 PM #11767    



Richard, I will  stick with my first observation of you, if your a conservative Republican I am your fairy godmother. 

12/04/23 08:11 PM #11768    

Richard Deshong

Bill, now you're in for it. You've outed yourself to Mike W. and we all know what he thinks about fairys and crossdressers.  I'm sure he will post a nasty gram about your life choices.  Me, I think you were just born the way you are.  But it's good to know you have my back and will always be looking out for my best intrest.

12/04/23 08:17 PM #11769    


Michael Wetzel


To any logical, understanding individual, your comment made perfect sense....


You do not need a current photo of the narcissist toad. There are numerous ways of locating all the information you need regarding him....And no weapons needed, on sissy boy.........

12/04/23 08:19 PM #11770    


Michael Kelly

Richard DeShong  So good to know you pay so much attention to what I write, which means to me your challenged by what I have said and are loath to leave it alone, but want to respond to it. As to your mini Essay in 11756 concerning Solar power, does your Motorhome that you Travel this beautiful country exclusively use as Fuel solar/wind power generated Electricity for its sole source of power. If not, then save your Sermon for the interested, for I have concluded that given the Fact that it takes 17 dollars worth of fossil fuel to  generate one kilowatt of electrical energy to propel an electric vehicle you are pushing Consumers to be forced into buying something they don't want, which is contrary to Our Vaunted Freedom of Choice that I know you support in other areas of conroversy.

As to Marge Sanger, when someone advocates the purposeful opinion that some of us are Inferior to  others, that is not justifiable in any civilized School of Thought. To believe  that such arbitrarely chosen people deserve to Die is the same sort of Logic if you want to call it that, that has spurred Hamas to Kill Jews. I as an Attorney don't  beleive that  Hamas deserves anything but Truthful and Justified Administration of the Law. 

One additional thought has occurred, and it concerns passage of time. Since the Centuries of Search for use of Solar power to  be the sustainable power for all of us, then given the passage of time, and because according to  your History of Solar power's use, then it follows that according to the  Forces of Economics, I believe that resourceful men and women have also simultaneously searched in every other useful source of energy production, and Voila, lo and behold, and a few centuries after Solar power was being pursued as the sustainable source of energy other than a horse or  mule pulling a grinding stone in a circile while whole Grain was placed on a Stone Table for grinding into flour, some of these guys discovered Oils leaking up from the  Ground and even the Ocean Floor, plus the Indians who Marge Sanger probably looked down upon, showed us light skinned invaders how they could use Oil for Fire, Now you gotta remember Richard, this did not occur because a couple of 3 or 6 paid attention and decided to see if they could refine this Oil into Fuel. No they did it because it was convenient, and no one thought  "Oh, my god, how is my using  Oil to light a fire going to affect our Air Quality?" They didn't have a lot of estra time on their hands, and probably Harvard, Yale, Stanford, didnt  exist yet with Lecturers who did have too much time on their hands. So, White Guilt hadn't been discovered yet, so they invented Trains, Cars, Trucks, built Dams, used Riverboats tor Freighters, and Gambling Boats, and the Democrats grew Tobacco and made Cigarattes so 2 Centuries later other Democrats could condemn others for Smoking Coffin Nails. You get the picture, dontcha.

Time don't stand still Richard!

Now back a few years ago I knew a man who was a Miner and Fuel Discoverer, and we were driving up the 1 Highway, and he said Mike I want to show  you how idiotic it is to claim that oil contaminates the  Ocean because on the Bridge just ahead, we can get out of the Car and I will show you an Oil Seep occurring Naturally right out of the Ocean. We stopped, and sure enuf, it was right there and fish were swimming next to this oil seep. This was a few miles short of the Santa Barbara City Limits, and guess what, Santa Barbara is still there. By Golly. So I think the panic over use of fossil fuels to power our  industry is Blowing Smoke up the Wrong orificies, because  it is really about Redistribution of Wealth and your Homeys want to DRAW DOWN OUR ECONOMY TO GIVE OTHER THIRD  WORLD COUNTRIES A "LEG UP" AT MY AND OTHERS EXPENSE. RICHARD, THIS KIND OF MANIPULATION IS WHAT IS THE FUEL OF REVOLUTIONS AND I WOULD THINK YOU AGREE. 


12/04/23 09:02 PM #11771    


Michael Kelly

DeShong  Your Posts are really very humorous to me. Let this Post satishy your overwhelming desire to be NOTICED. I think if you were told Hey Richard, if you go in that direction, you stand a good chance of going to Climate Change Hell or some such nonsense. You would probably choose it just to be a Contrarian. Like one of thise Indians that rides there horse backwards. Keep it up its good entertainment. Oh, Richard, 


12/05/23 08:41 AM #11772    



Happy birthday Dennis!

12/05/23 09:43 AM #11773    


DeWitt Bacon

Dennis, I enjoyed your post 11757.  Your use of humor in your posts, even on serious topics, is second to none. I do not ridicule any religion that believes in the higher power of God. I strongly feel that God has a sense of humor.. I was raised in one of those shouting and jumping around churches like you mentioned., It was scary to me as a child. I felt that I was doomed to hell after those sermons. If I had remained in that church, I would still feel fire nipping at my heels today. 

12/05/23 04:35 PM #11774    


Kathy (Katie) Baribeau (Moore)

I have read some of the posts, not all, so here is some information about hybrid cars.  If this has been discussed before, just add this info to your information.  We had a hybrid car for 10 years. The average mpg was never reset during those 10 years.  For a full size car we averaged 36 mpg over that period of time. This was not a plug in hybrid, it is a battery hybrid.  We were told when we traded it in for another hybrid that those batteries have been lasting between 200,000 and 250,000 miles. In 10 years we had a bit over 78,000 miles on the car and by the car info screen the batteries were at 89%. We have just purchased a new one and the mpg rating is 44.  We have 300 miles on it and so far it is getting 42mpg. I have read about the battery disposal issue and there have been improvements in recycling and destroying old hybrid batteries.  The hybrid system in my car gives over 10 per gallon more than a comparable sized car.  I try to be a responsible person, protect the environment as much as I can, and with all the information I have read, hybrid, as opposed to full electric, is the way to go at this time. There are issues with every vehicle we buy, we can do the research and hopefully leave the Earth as environmentally successful as possible.  The hybrids are much better for the environment than a gas fuel only car.  All you need to do is talk to someone at the emission facilities. All in all, I high recommend the hybrid vehicles.  BTW, there is some movement on stronger hybrid motors that could be placed in RV's or large trucks.  Who knows what the future will bring, especially with quantum computing.  It is a quiet, smooth ride, we don't give up any acceleration, and the repair costs in the car we traded were minimal, no major issues in 10 years.  The fit and finish of the car is amazing!   

12/05/23 04:38 PM #11775    


Jim Coats

Dennis....Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!  And many more.

12/05/23 05:08 PM #11776    


Frank Wiley

Happy Birthday Dennis!!  And many more!!  Every year you live adds to the Nun's distress!!

12/05/23 11:01 PM #11777    


Michael Kelly

Happy Birthday Dennis. Autographed Nurse Rafched Ruler to Follow.

12/06/23 12:07 AM #11778    


Dennis Moran

The autographed ruller and the fantastic birthday wishes were such a treat.  Now for the specials. I shouldn't do this but I have a couple of extra holy cards with love from God.  Yes the lord has enabled me to offer them at a slight discount; I call it the protestant 2 for $5 sale.  I used to have a box of holy nuns cards but, they were kept to close to me playboy collection containing an interview by madalyn murray ohare.  Somehow that box ignited; I was able to save the top 6 benedictine sister cards of Sister Hilda (as in huricane), Sister Jose (spoke of me often for letting a dog enter the altar area during 10 AM prime time mass), Sister Melanie (looked sweet, but could gain altitude with ones earlobes), I had two of sister tereasa marie (tiny-with mustard stains) and sister Francesca.   Those cards were the only ones that didn't burn up.  Next time any of the readers walk by a catholic church please bless yourselves....I get extra credit.

Today I joined the 77 Sunset Strip club. yep that was my show and now that I made it to 77 Im a member. if you 76 or younger you will need to wait to be accepted.

As a younger child; I  felt I could  never escape the influence of the nuns; yep marine land, sea world and other prime water spots had the apprentice nuns...know as penguins.  

I know some of you  probably felt sorry for the parochial school kids but back then the girls school uniforms were not sexual.  We all tried to stay one step ahead of the nuns...many a kid made a mistake and used his voice in song, the nuns were on the lookout for those kids...not even holy cards could save them; they had to move onto the pew prayer books with unlimited versions of indulgences...I didn't sing but did strive to get all the indulgences i could (probably figured i would go to Angeles City and Olongapo in the Phillippines..I went through a lot of indulgences their.  Luckily the good Lord has a sense of humor otherwise I would of been toast.

Welcome back Kathy, you need to check with the progressives on having a the way if you tap the persons name it goes back to the profile where the picture is....just a warning.

Thanks, again for the birthday wishes and cute remarks....but Im still spending alot of time washing my hands


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