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11/27/22 01:53 PM #8683    


Michael Kelly

Good to hear that you all survived Thanksgiving Feasts. I agree with you who disparage the idea of monumental Conservative gains by the new House Majority and my agreement with you has 2 factors that figure into the calculation. A. As has been stated, conservatives refuse to fully engage the deflections from Truth that the Enemy of Freedom engages in. EXAMPLE a few days ago Biden makes a Muttering nasty pronouncement against Semi-Automatic Weapons, saying that in these modern times they have no practical use. How does he know this? I can tell by what he said the old Liar has never had one in his hands, otherwise he would never say anything so pathetically stupid! He doesn't know how a semi-automatic weapon operates. So how does he assume to have authority to spew Lies like He does? Conservatives never call him on it! Why? We are stuck on "Nice and Restrained" News for you that approach is just laughed off by the biden's of our World, and it's the only one we got (and it's why "the purveyors of Lies" HATE DONALD J TRUMP) Food for Thought! The second Factor I see is intertwined with the first, conservatives tend to view themselves as independent, self sufficient, and in the ordinary scenario we are. The "however" is this, today's Politics, if you will, is not a "give and take" nope, it's an all out Srreet Fight with the qualities of reasonableness and fairplay looked upon as weakness, Truth be damned, prevailing is everything! Example: This is a smack in the face easy one; the treatment of the people, anx the factual existence of the Foul Corrupt Bilge of the Hunter Biden Laptop. The Repair Shop owner who gave it to the FBI over 2 years ago has been physically threatened, and Dan Bongino of FOX NEWS has had a copy of the Repair Ticket with Little Hunter's signature on it for over 2 years also. Most of us don't want to acknowledge our Country is this deep in Bilge---not something to brighten up an expensive Thanksgiving Dinner thanks to joe biden. We as a Country are sorely in need of CLEANSING!

11/27/22 02:12 PM #8684    


Frank Wiley

Hi Jim, The vast majority of the Media are Trump haters.  They would have supported Al Capone over Trump.  I'm not sure if the media wasn't part of the creation of the "Russian collusion Hunter laptop" story.  It worked for two years on the assault on Trump!!  New subject--You want to stop gun violence.  Make any crime committed with a gun a Capitol Crime.  Extreme yes, but the crime situation is extreme!!

11/27/22 04:33 PM #8685    


Michael Kelly

Frank W. Your right, but Capone died from an STVD, so they "voted for biden". Crimes committed involving the use of a Firearm should have a minimum non-negotiable 10 year Prison Sentence. Surprisingly most states statutorily impose such Sentences, its Prosecutors and Judges "making up exceptions as the mood hits them" who distort uniform sentencing requirements and encourage Social Disorder as a direct result who have created the Problems

11/28/22 10:27 AM #8686    


DeWitt Bacon

With all the talk and rumors of a nuclear war, I thought I would post a few quotes from one of the world's greatest thinkers.

Albert Einstein, Talking of the perils of entering the Nuclear age:

"Science has brought forth this danger, but the real problem is in the minds and hearts of men."

"It is easier to denature Plutonium than it is to denature the evil hearts of men."

"A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move on to higher levels."

And one of our greatest wartime Generals said:

"The problem basically is theological...It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh." General Douglas McArthur.

It appears to me that the continued existance of mankind does not lie in nuclear bombs, But in US.

11/28/22 02:23 PM #8687    


Michael Kelly

About 2 years ago when biden killed the Keystone Pipeline I indicated herein that the source of said Crude Oil was going to originate from the Cree Indian Reservation in Canada. The Cree's have an abundance of "sweet crude" on their Reservation Lands which had it been supplied as planned to Texas and Louisiana for refinement would have wholly averted the Current Biden Royal Screwup of our Economy. biden only has control over our Oil Supply because we allkw it. If the Indians want to gain significant control of our entire economy itz time for them to use their Sovereign Treaty Powers to acquire private property Easement Rights and use the Reservation Lands to transport, refine, wholesale, and Retail Indian developed and produced gasoline and diesel fuel to Americans. Screw US Govt control over fossil fuel development and production. Indians this is Trillions in your pockets quickly and a big 🖕 to the Politicians!

11/28/22 02:51 PM #8688    


Jim Coats


1/21   Biden's Inauguration   1.4%   One point four!!  

3/21   $1.9Trillion covid relief bill   2.6%

7/21   Dems propose $3.9Trillion budget plan   5.4%   

11/21  Biden signs $1Trillion Infrastructure plan   6.8%

3/22   1st State of the Union   7.9%

4/22    Announces student loan forgiveness   8.3%

5/22    Baby formula supply problem announced   8.6%

6/22    Dems still pushing BBB Climate spending bill   9/1%

7/22    $739Billion Tax and Climate spending bill   8.5%

9/22    Biden CLAIMED he led tentative rail deal w' 24% raise - unions reject   8.2%

10/22   Strategic Oil Reserve lowest since 1984   7.7%

NOW, Mr Biden is trying to make a deal with the Venezuelan devil to allow Chevron to drill and produce oil there....but the last thing he said for the U.S. was "There will be NO MORE drilling.  WTF?!  And, BTW....the rail deal IS NOT settled and a potential devastating strike looms.

Robert Gates was RIGHT when he said "I think he (Biden) has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."  

Since, as far as I know, none of us are insiders in D.C. and we don't know every detail of what's going on behind closed doors at the White House......ask yourself:  How are we doing at the gas pump....the grocery store....home mortgage rates....cost of Christmas presents....?  How's your 401K and/or IRA doing?  Are you still earning 1/billionth of 1% per annum interest on your non-CD deposit accounts at your bank?  What do you think will happen to the economy if the Rail unions go on strike....around Christmas....or anytime for that matter?  Just think how much of our goods are hauled by rail!  What will that do to the economy? 

Here's a question:  What is it really?  Covid?  Corona virus?  China Virus?  Fauci Virus?  Who IS the Liar?  Who is responsible for this multi-million human death toll?



11/29/22 09:11 AM #8689    


Michael Wetzel


Excellent Report, and Questions....There is one thing we do know, it will only become Worse, from the leadership of the communist-socialist government now in control ! You can depend on that happening for sure................

11/29/22 09:22 AM #8690    


DeWitt Bacon

Michael K. 

The indigenous people of our country have been granted exclusive use of the lands given to them. They are referred to as 'Indian nations.' They are, in fact, their own nations with our constitutional rights and protections. Your plan holds credence until you factor in our current administration's corrupt leadership, or lack thereof. And which party is in charge of the BIA? If the American Indians attempt such a move, Biden will find a way, legal or not, to stop it. "WHITE CHEIF IN WASHINGTON SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE. "

11/29/22 02:02 PM #8691    


Jim Coats

Having just endured the dreaded procedure yesterday known as a c-----scopy, this seems appropriate:

Confuse your doctor by putting on latex gloves at the same time he does...and make sure you make 'em SNAP!

All you men can relate to this one:

After all these years, my wife (The Dutchess) still thinks I'm sexy.  Every time she walks by she says "What an ass."

Words I live by:

You'll hit every cone on the highway before I let you merge in front of me because you saw that sign 2 miles back just like I did!

Have a good day.

11/29/22 02:25 PM #8692    


Frank Wiley

5:00 Tonight--See you there!

11/29/22 03:28 PM #8693    


Jim Coats

Frank....still the 4 of us??

11/29/22 03:51 PM #8694    


Michael Kelly

DeWitt Bacon. I believe that because the Indians are not subject to Federal laws due to their Treaty Nations status, requiring special consideration before biden could successfully interfere with the construction of a Fossil Fuels pipeline across Indian lands; same for a Nationwide Electrical Power Grid; or car and truck dealerships that sell Fossil Fueled Vehicles only. The US Supreme Court has to Honor the Indian Treaty's and would Rule for the Indians in all likelihood.The Leftists love to cram their"clever little freedom robbing Regs down our throats", well lets give the Indians a shot at getting back at us "longknives" for centuries of oppression by using FREE ENTERPRISE MOTIVATION TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN.

11/29/22 05:17 PM #8695    


Michael Kelly

BRINGING BACK SLAVERY: SHOCKED! YOU SHOULD BE: EVEN OUTRAGED! Whether you can stomach joe biden or not his purposeful (Im not letting him off on "the bumbling idiot" pose too much possum there)violations of the Immigration Law by not deporting Illegal Aliens has forced upon us Citizens the unenviable position that President Slackard will duck, whose paying for maybe 20 million new illegal consumers who have no money, the Cartels have it, no Homes, they abandoned those, no food but us Softies will feed them better than we feed our own, no medicine, no doctors, they do bring us Fentanyl, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, etc etc so you starting to get it---its why biden wanted, and got 84 thiusand new IRS Agents PRESTO! YOU WILL PAY COMRADE AND LIKE IT---NO ONE WILL CALL IT SLAVERY BUT YOU'LL PAY JUST TO LIVE---IN YOUR NEWLY RE-FINANCED HOME. THE 21ST CENTURY AND THE GREAT RESET JUST HAPPENED RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES!

11/29/22 06:58 PM #8696    


Michael Kelly

News is that 5 of the Secret Service Agents rented vehicles from Hertz Rentals burst into flames today simultaneously after the president and family visited Nantucket Island over the weekend. That'll fix Hertz for renting Fossil Fueled vehicles to the US Secret Service? There is Video!

11/29/22 08:56 PM #8697    


Jim Coats

Great Beer Summit tonight.  Bill R., Michael W., Frank W., Bill R. & Marianne R. (sp?) and moi!  Thanks for putting it together, Frank.  Good time!

After the Summit, I went line dancing on the way home.  Well, it was a roadside sobriety test, but pretty much the same.


11/29/22 10:54 PM #8698    


Bill Randall

   Yes Jim to tonight's Beer Summit Summary, with both strategic and futurist affairs voiced. From AZ electons to UFO validations the beer was open to high-level discussions. With three-quarter's of a century behind us the bucket-list items were the major focus.Many names of those remembered from our Camelback era, and where they might be today. But, suddenly the bewitching hour arrived, bills were paid, and all looked forward to our next gathering.

    P.S. Women are encouraged and drinks may be exchanged. Happy Holidays to All

11/30/22 09:43 AM #8699    


DeWitt Bacon

Michael K., I agree with you on the sovereignty of the Indian Nation. I just don't trust our corrupt dictatorship government to honor the treaties. Sorry to be so negative about this, but I have seen Biden lie, cheat, and go back on his word too many times.  

11/30/22 11:54 AM #8700    


Michael Wetzel

I want to say a great THANKYOU, to my Friends last night, for a super evening of conversation and commardarie ! I really enjoy these Beer Feasts with everyone. I wish more of us could attend. I appreciate, and love everyone of you, and I value your Friendship !..Hope to see you all, at the next one... Brad I would enjoy your presence if you would join us...........Frank, all I can say, is Thankyou.........

11/30/22 01:57 PM #8701    



I agree, great time was had by all in attendance. More participants would be even better. Thanks Frank for setting up these "Beerfests".🍺

12/01/22 07:36 AM #8702    


Bill Randall

Remember, learned a lot from what went wrong in the 2020 election about how the rats commit Election Fraud. In other words, we know their game. Now, that we have multiple counties delaying certification of the election and the Attorney General’s Office of Arizona pressuring Maricopa County for information, we should be looking as well at all the same spots that the Left committed fraud in 2020. For example…We know that Senators Borelli and Fann recently gave a presentation of newly revealed information about the 2020 election.

In particular, they audited a little over 100,000 ballots and found that about 20%, or 20,232 votes were invalid because of mismatched signatures. This is hugely problematic and further investigation into the 2022 election must absolutely include analysis of these signatures.Need to double down these efforts and examine all scanned ballots for signature fraud,  Between the duplicates, dead, felons, and mismatched signatures you can clearly see that the Drats have no respect for reality. As multiple counties are delaying certification and calls for a new election mount, it is absolutely critical we look for all the evidence we can find – which means we MUST examine the ballots. We can’t let the rats get away with it – again!


12/01/22 09:20 AM #8703    


Jim Coats

First.  Bill Randall.  I don't know if your post is true or not.  Back to my mantra:  Who's the Liar?  Because somebody is.  I have read supporting information, but the left has successfully denied all accusations of fixed elections and the results are "final".  IF you are right and IF any elections were fixed, we had better pray for our country because we are in DEEP TROUBLE!

Second.  I sincerely believe our military is in severe jeopardy.  I served in combat and believe me when I say, I was 100% apolitical.  I was lucky and came home.  Some weren't and they came home under a flag.  My point is that our military has one job and that is to protect the citizens of the U.S.  Their job is to kill the bad guys and our military has been very good at it.

The military's job is NOT to study Critical Race Theory or Socialistic styles of government or pronouns....but that's what they are being forced to endure because the military is NOT a democracy and there is no voting.  You receive and follow lawful orders.....period.  That includes taking vaccinations that you may not agree with.  Good military members have been kicked out because they refused to take Covid vaccinations.  Some reasons may be religious in nature and some may be like my wife's cousin who simply doesn't believe Fauci and our government's take on Covid.  Who's The Liar?  Here are some new numbers:


U.S. Marines  3,600

U.S. Air Force  834

U.S. Army  1,800

U.S. Navy  1,900

Unless this is this is stopped, those service members will be discharged and lose their accrued benefits including time in the service counting towards retirement and a pension.  This compounds the damage we are facing due to low recruitment success.  These are the people who actually do protect the homeland.  They are not politicians.  You know who the politicians are and, BTW, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs are politicians.

With everything else our country is enduring right now, "we" are sticking it to the people who have one job....protect you.  How do you like the Biden Administration so far?




12/01/22 08:50 PM #8704    


Michael Kelly

I don't know if any of the rest of you heard it, but a former "Twitter Fact Finder" went public today and probably because of the 44 Billion dollars of purchase price and then going Private by Elon Musk, this ex Twitter censor "copped to it" and ADMITTED TO A PROGRAM TO ACTIVELY SILENCE OR CENSOR TRUMP!These arrogant superior beings chose to attempt to and finally did SILENCE THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE USA "TO PROTECT US FROM HOW CRAZY AND WACKO TRUMP'S SPEECH WAS/IS" Wow! And this went on for over 6 years +. Just let this soak in kinda like waking up from Oral Surgery where the last thing you heard was the Drill whining---Gee, it only took 44 Billion Dollars and the Threat of FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE TO GOD AND EVERYBODY ELSE TO GET ONE OF THESE "SHARP PENCILLED ELITISTS" TO FESS UP TO THE TRUTH. Now ask yourself? If the Wealthiest Man in the World had not just randomly decided as he woke up in the morning about a year ago and stretched looking out the Window and said to himself "Hey, seems like its a good day to SAVE FREE SPEECH, GUESS I'LL BUY TWITTER" we wouldn't know Nuttin! A Pretty Hard Nut to Crack you might say. NOW SEEING THIS LITTLE EXAMPLE OF JUST HOW DEEPLY ENTRENCED THESE "SUPERIOR BEINGS" ARE! IT TAKES THE THREAT OF GENERAL SOCIETAL SHAME TO UNEARTH ONE OF EM. THE REST GO INTO "RUN SILENT RUN DEEP" WE KNOW THAT DONT WE. SO NOW DO YOU REALLY THINK THE SAME SUPERIOR BEINGS WON'T STOOP TO STEAL AN ELECTION??? GLAD TRUMP'S GOT THE BILLIONS TO DO IT. I DON'T

12/01/22 09:19 PM #8705    


Michael Kelly

I can't contain it longer Question: Did Janis Yellen get that way by studying Snow Leopards for too long?

12/02/22 02:43 PM #8706    


Frank Wiley

The White House has reported that Warnock (Senator--Georgia) asked Lyin Biden to go to Massachusetts (probably to get him away from Georgia).  I'm surprised Warnock didn't tell him the go to Manchuria!!

12/02/22 02:44 PM #8707    


Jim Coats


My new SUV has a button that says "Rear Wiper."  I'm afraid to push it. frown

A cold seat in a public restroom is unpleasant.  A warm seat in a public restroom is far worse.

The three hardest things to say are:

1.  I was wrong.

2.  I need help.

3.  Worcestershire Sauce.


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