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Residing In: Acton, CA USA
Occupation: Lawyer
Military Service: US Army, Artillery  


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What I'm up to now:

I practice Law in California. I have been in practice since 1982. I primarily handle Criminal, Personal Injury, Intentional Tort, and Property matters. My occupation is to fund my hobbies. I participate in horse related activitiesand have three Quarter Horses I use for Ranch roping, gathering, doctoring, branding, and related tasks on Ranches in Nevada, California, and anywhere else I can get to. Fishing and Hunting are also activities I enjoy. I'm a member of the Family Community Church of Agua Dulce, Ca. and attempt to sing in the musical group at the Church.

My favorite memories from high school:

It seems like we had, for want of a better term, a "home room class", where the authorities grouped us similarly adjusted (or maladjusted) types together. My group included John Sullivan, Brooke Murray, and I believe Martin Miller and some others. It was a Study Hour class and we had a Teacher who also taught us Latin. This teacher reminds me of the character in the Movie "Goodbye Mr. Chips" because he seemed to be pre-occupied all the time, spoke in a voice which would change in Pitch, and he always had Chalk smudges on his clothes. He habitually wore a dark colored Sports Coat and you could always see where he had used it's sleeve to wipe the yellow Chalk from the Board form our Latin class.
One afternoon we were all pretty bored, and Sullivan was as I remember him a perpetual cutup. We quite innocently began doing things to provoke each other so that the other would get in trouble.
Mr. Koontz, the absent-minded teacher, would turn around quickly to try and catch us, and of course, we always did our best to keep a straight face and a stiff upper lip. It escalated because he could not catch us no matter how fast he maneuvered, and we began attempting to outdo each other in the attempt to provoke him. I began whistling like a bird, and Mr. Koontz began looking up at the windows, trying to see where the birds had got into the classroom. Finally, Mr. Koontz, after a particularly riotous outburst of bird singing, stood up from his desk chair and ordered us out of the room in the hopes that the bird or birds would leave also. As we exited the room, we could not stop laughing. I can now say after some 44 years that even though it was and is a very damaging admission of, and a true glimpse into a window of adolescent immaturity, this is still funny, at least I think so and remain unrepentant to this day.

Education after Camelback, please list schools and any degrees:

Attended Arizona State University from 1972 through 1974, received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Attended University of San Fernando Valley College of Law from 1976 to 1979, and graduated with a Juris Doctorate Degree.

Military Service - Please include where you served, and any medals/honors received:

I entered the US Army in April 1967, at Fort Bliss, Texas. I attended Advanced Training at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama for eight months. I was assigned to Okinawa, 44th Artillery Brigade, in Feb. 1968 and was there until Sept. 1969. I maintained and repaired Missile Guidance Systems for the Hawk Antiaircraft Missile which had several missile sites on the Island. After leaving Okinawa, I spent seven months at White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico and was Honorably Discharged after three years of Service in April 1970. I was awarded the Expert Medal in Marksmanship, and an award for service Overseas.

What Grade School did you attend?

Monte Vista Elementary

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