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10/15/10 03:08 PM #1    

Patty Meyers (Anderson)

Here's an assignment for all of us... Please look at the "Missing" list. If anyone knows anything about anyone on that list, please post the information here or send me a message.


10/07/13 02:42 PM #2    


Michael Wetzel

Russel Beck, now has a phone service which he can connect to all the Camelback sites, FB, etc. He just needs to be notified by someone. Thanks.........

02/01/14 01:51 AM #3    


Dennis Moran

I really liked the classmate profiles prior to the new way they are presented its now almost name, rank, and serial number....maybe this was do to a reason..... but it takes away the fun of knowing a little bit about friends and classmates (what did they like about going to Camelback, what was fun for them, what are they doing now) from our class.

Correction:::: having seen the new layout....its FANTASTIC......THANK YOU ...... I LOVE READING ABOUT ALL MY CLASSMATES AND ESPECIALLY MY FRIENDS....

02/19/14 05:53 PM #4    

Chris Fields (Toschik)

Chris Fields Toschik

Hi all Camelback Spartans! I received a call from Elaine Nichols asking me to post information about our 1964 Basketball team being honored at arena on Saturday, March 1st at 3:00pm. There will also be a cocktail party on Friday, February 28th at 7:00pm at the Biltmore Embassy Suites in the bar area. Let's share this information and have a great turnout for our great team!!!

04/23/14 05:02 PM #5    

Elaine Nichols (Volner)

Hello classmates,  I just received a call from my grade school classmate (Madison Rose Lane), Kenny Tanner that his father.................our Camelback principal, passed away in his sleep Easter Sunday morning.  He was 95 years old.  He was in good health, just felt very tired on Saturday and didn't wake up in the morning.

If any of you would like to send a card to Kenny Tanner, Here is his address:

Kenny Tanner

2619 W.Gregg Dr.

Chandler, AZ. 85224

Kenny had one brother, their mother passed away sevral years ago....

Thank you friends................Elaine Nichols

05/25/14 01:38 PM #6    


Bill Randall

        Wanted to tell those that were able to attend the "Lunch Time" gathering at Chili's, near our old Town&Country Food Barzar, that we have lost that great meeting place. The entire corner is clear of the surrounding shops also. This is the second time I've seen that specific area leveled, and pending re-birth.

       Sure was glad that I was able to see and share a meal with those same people that I may have eaten with fifty years ago. Listening to the fun and stories of times past is always a treat, especially with those from my most formable years. So group, hope we can meet again for a lunch & chat some where near our old hood.


05/28/14 08:41 AM #7    

Sandi O'Clair

Yes it's very sad to see that corner so bare. My son, Rick, was the managing partner at that Chili's for 10 years and was very sad when he had to close it down. But it is prime real estate and I guess you can't stop progress. I'll try and get another luncheon planned soon for those that are still here for the summer. Looking forward to our 50th reunion next April. Sandi

09/13/14 04:39 PM #8    

John Perez

To those of you who went to Monte Vista, I was recently driving by and saw this.

04/12/15 06:56 PM #9    


Kathy Johnson (Papscun)

Hi everyone! Just wanted to make it known that I will be bringing Chuck Evans daughter, Char Myreck, to the social gathering on Friday night of the reunion weekend.  Chuck passed away a few months ago, and as I was talking with Char recently, she expressed that she would love to go and meet some of the classmates who knew her dad. So those of you who would like to visit with her, let me know and I'll make a point to look for you.

Kathy Johnson Papscun

04/13/15 09:53 AM #10    


Put me on that list! Chuck was such a sweetheart.

04/13/15 11:25 AM #11    


Mary Carpenter (Skalkoyannis)

Hi, I'd love to meet Chuck's daughter!  Please include me.


Mary Skalkoyannis

04/14/15 03:19 PM #12    


Kathy Johnson (Papscun)

Mary and Dawn, I'll be looking for you!  Thanks for responding.

04/15/15 08:12 AM #13    

Gerry Bishop (Raymond)

Hello class of 1965,


I am so sorry to be missing the big 50!  April is just too early for me to be leaving France, but I will be in the Valley this summer.  I know some of you think that is weird...but hey, when you live in a rainy country it feels really nice to be able to dry out the mold.  Have a GREAT time reconnecting this spring!!   Let me know if there are any summer lunches happening.

Gerry Bishop Raymond





04/16/15 03:36 PM #14    

Bob Bishop

Sorry you can't make it Gerry.  Maybe we can see you at one of the lunches.  I am not always plugged in to those, though.


Bob Bishop

04/16/15 04:13 PM #15    


Nancy Solazzo (Klatt)

Hi Kathy, put me on your list, too. for Char.  We lived on the same street as Chuck and his family  Chuck and i watched Char grow up.    Saw her for a bit at Chucks memorial, but there were so many there.  WoUld like to see her again.  Nancy Solazzo-Klatt.


04/17/15 04:03 PM #16    

Tim (Thomas) Brown

Looking forward to the 50th CHS reunion.

Anyone out there in contact with my friend, Barry Norton; I have been trying to contact him for weeks.

The number I have for him in San Dieago has a voice mail box that is full.

If you are able to contact him, let him know I would like to talk to him.

My cell number in Denver is (303-916-6911)

I would also be intrested if he is planning on being at the reunion next week.

Cheers to all!

Tim Brown, class of '65.


10/09/15 03:04 PM #17    


Linda Crandall

Hi Guys! I just made a reservation with Aunt Chiladas for the 29th of Oct. The address is 7330 N. Dreamy Draw Dr.. & time is 11 til 2. We'll be meeting on the patio & the weather should be nice by then. Hopefully Wally Dricoll will be in town. I'll need to let them know some idea of how many people to expect. So if you think you can make it, you can contact me at Hope to see you then.

Linda "Pete" Crandall

10/10/15 01:39 PM #18    

Larry Johnson

I'd love to come but will be out of town. Hopefully next time I can make it.


10/11/15 02:49 PM #19    


Bill Randall

I'll be at a week long event in downtown Phoenix for the ISABE, giving another paper. Otherwise I would be at the lunchon till 2:00p. Please schedule another soon, as I hope to retire soon, and step-away from the crazy track.

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