In Memory

Mike Santilli

Michael John Santilli, 38, passed away February 2, 1986 in San Francisco, CA.  Mike fell, hit his head, the ER sent him home where he later died.  He was born September 3, 1947.

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Willard Volquardsen

Mike and I were classmates and friends in 4th or 5th grade in Mrs. Wellborn's class at Monte Vista Elementary School.  That was the year the school introduced us to "sex education" via old black and white films that gave intricate diagrams of male and female reproductive systems, but basically told us absolutely nothing about sex.  I remember Mike and I discussing the matter after school by the drinking fountains trying to puzzle out what the heck a "vagina" was.  He asserted his greater knowledge owing to the fact he had a younger sister.  Yet with all that knowledge, the subject still baffled us.  More than fifty years later, although sexual information to kids has no doubt improved (or at least expanded) significantly, we're no closer to understanding the differences between women and men.

I was very sorry to learn of Mike's tragic (and probably unnecessary) death.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends with the hope that he has found a better place in which all our mundane and great questions are answered.

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