In Memory

Tom Pinson

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06/17/10 11:43 PM #1    

Mark Dubois

 Well, what can you say about Tom? He was quite a guy! 

I didn't know him well until after high school when it turned out he was friends with my roommate. I got to know him pretty well during the late 60's and early 70's. I could tell stories on end about Tom!

He was Mr. Cool!  Always dressed to the 9's and a real ladies man. He always had several ladies on the line at all times in those days. Tom always had a smile on his face. We had a lot of laughs together!

My favorite memory of Tom was during the psychedelic hippie days of the late 60's. He and I and our two girlfriends were sitting in my 59 Volkswagen convertible with the top down, overlooking the Salt river and a gorgeous Arizona sunset while listening to the Moody Blues singing "Nights in White Satin". As our day long "trip" wound down to a perfect close, the four of us seemed to be floating in a vast sky of spirituality as this beautiful song with the London Symphony Orchestra accompanying those amazing Moody Blues ended. I thought the four of us might just  ascend to the heavens...when from the back seat, I heard Tom say..."you know what would go good right now?... a Hot Jack Taco!"

What a downer!...but you know what? After a few minutes or so of deep discussion and several accusations aimed at Tom for so rudely bringing us down, we decided we'd take him up on his idea! The nearest Jack in the Box was about 20 miles away at the corner of 44th and Camelback. We went through the drive through and ordered one each. After the 3rd trip through the drive through...we all had to agree...Tom was absolutely right!

I was sorry to hear of the tragedy that struck Tom quite a few years ago now...not sure when. He was a good soul and I wish him well...and he still owes me 50 bucks!  We miss ya Tom! Godspeed!


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