In Memory

Joe DeLuca

Joseph Deluca, 39, of Phoenix, born November 18, 1946, passed away in July, 1985.

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10/04/10 11:08 PM #1    

Geneva Keith (Ulm)

I remember Joe as a very funny fellow...he sat behind me in 8th grade at Madison 2 and we went to the state fair together. does anyone know what happened to him and his wife Karen(Lard) . I remember them both very clearly

03/14/11 03:11 AM #2    

Bruce Warne

Here was another great human being. He and his wife Karen will be missed.


08/29/15 06:30 PM #3    

Larry Johnson

I lived accross the street from Joe from 7th grade through high school. One of my favorite memories was eating tomato pie (homemade pizza made by his grandmother, who didn't speak English.) Joe was one of the most full of life people I knew. I was extremely saddened when I heard about his death. The world became a little less fun without Joe.

08/31/15 08:59 AM #4    

Frank Wiley

I was also a friend of Joe's.  Please take this story in a positive, funny way.  Joe, Larry Johnson and I were either in 8th Grade at Madison 2 or freshmen at Camelback, and we were  all paper boys.  Our morning route paper pick up station was on the northeast corner of Indian School and 24th St at a Union 76 Gas Station.  Joe spent his early life up to 5th or 6th Grade in New York City.  One morning we were sitting around putting rubber bands on our papers and talking.  Joe was telling us about his neighborhood in New York and that sometimes he would see people throw Molitof Cocktails.  Joe had a habit of exaggerating which was part of his charm.  We all laughed and told him he was full of it.  You probably remember that back then the gas pump handles were not locked at night and there was usually a little gas left in the hose.  The next thing we know is here comes Joe with a empty Coke bottle.  He pulls off a pump handle and drains the gas out of the hose into the Coke bottle.  He then tears off part of the wrapping paper that the newspaper bundles were wrapped in, stuffed the paper in the top of the bottle showing us he knew how to make a Molitof Cocktail.  He had a book of matches because on cold mornings we would sometimes start a fire to warm our hands before we would climb on our bikes to deliver our routes.  We said, "You aren"t going to light that."  He took it as a challenge.  The next thing we know  he has the paper lit and throws the bottle across 24th Street.  You may remember that on the northwest corner was Tang's Market.  There were alot of dry weeds on that corner and the Molitof Cocktail exploded setting the weeds on fire.  You never saw paperboys get on their bikes a disappear that fast in history.  A couple day later poor Joe no longer had a paper route.

09/01/15 08:31 PM #5    


That's a good story, Frank! At least no one was hurt, and Joe proved that he wasn't just spinning a yarn about his incendiary capabilities!

09/02/15 09:46 AM #6    

Larry Johnson

Thanks for the memory Frank. I do remember the fire bombing event. It's a wonder we ever made it out of adolescence alive.

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